Appcues is looking for a few great engineers to help us explode into 2017.

We've built a real-time customer engagement and user activation platform that helps hundreds of companies work smarter by allowing growth teams to interact with their users, run communications experiments, and more without requiring in-house engineering time.

We're looking for talented front-end engineers to design and create the products and features that will bring our customers even more power to improve their user experience.

At Appcues, you'll get the chance to build bulletproof products for the modern web, using modern tools: ES6, React, Redux, AWS Lambda, Elixir, Postgres, Redis, and more.

Here's a little bit about us as a company:

  • We're a small team (under twenty) of friendly people who like to work together. We strive to be transparent and inclusive at all levels of the business. This means there are many opportunities to make an outsized impact.
  • We're located in Fenway, Boston's fastest-growing neighborhood and an emerging anchor point for tech startups (and good food).
  • We offer medical and dental insurance benefits, equity and quarterly equity bonuses, conference and education reimbursement, an equipment stipend, and an unlimited vacation policy.

Here are some things we're looking for in our next frontend engineer:

Lots of experience in the browser

The Appcues service is designed around the web. We build web apps, web services, embed scripts, browser extensions, and more. Taming the complexity of the web for our customers is Appcues' bread and butter. Working at Appcues means working with web browsers, so we're seeking those with a knack for understanding how all the parts of the web fit together.

Great at building UI

Appcues is not only building UI for our customers, we're building UI for their users too. And we also have a habit of building working prototypes when we're hashing out a feature. Being able to create clean, functional interfaces in short order is a key part of what it means to be an engineer at Appcues.

Interested in distributed systems and data processing

Behind Appcues' interface, there's over a dozen services working together to provide a high-availability, real-time user communications platform. Hundreds of millions of events are passed among internal and external systems at Appcues every day. We're eager to find engineers who like to think about systems, who understand the flow of data and its implications, and who aren't shy about breaking monoliths into microservices when the need arises.

Always learning

It's our job to ensure a great user experience no matter how our customers' sites are built. Staying current on the latest web and computing tech gives us the insights we need to stay one step ahead. Our ideal engineer never stops improving themselves and their craft.

If this sounds like you, we'd love to talk.