Appcues is looking for a few great engineers to help us explode into 2017.

We've built a real-time customer engagement and user activation platform that helps hundreds of companies work smarter by allowing growth teams to interact with their users, run communications experiments, and more without requiring in-house engineering time.

We're looking for talented full stack engineers to create the platform, products, and features that will bring our customers even more power to help their users succeed.

We use tools like ES6, React, Redux, Elixir, and AWS Lambda in order to provide the right basis for a very fast, high-availability, distributed web platform for in-app communication.

A bit about Appcues the company:

  • We're a small team (under twenty) of friendly people who like to work together. We strive to be transparent and inclusive at all levels of the business. This means there are many opportunities to make an outsized impact.
  • We're located in Fenway, Boston's fastest-growing neighborhood and an emerging anchor point for tech startups (and good food).
  • We offer medical and dental insurance benefits, equity and quarterly equity bonuses, conference and education reimbursement, an equipment stipend, and an unlimited vacation policy.

Here are some important qualities for our next full-stack hire:

Broad experience

We need developers who are ready to make a difference from day one, who are comfortable working at any level within our tech stack, who have a proven track record of delivering top quality product and infrastructure, and who never stop improving. Strongly experienced candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Loves working with data

In order to handle hundreds of millions of event ingestions per day, Appcues' data is stored variously across Postgres, Firebase, DynamoDB, Redis, S3, and other databases and services. We need people who know the pros and cons of different data technologies, and who can apply that knowledge in service of the customer.

Great at distributed systems

Appcues is built from over a dozen connected services. Our next team member will know the ins and outs of working with data and distributed systems: streams, queues, batches, message passing, data security, deployment, load balancing, orchestration, etc.

Strong skills in the browser

Taming the complexity of the web for non-developers is Appcues' bread and butter. Appcues relies on a product team with deep knowledge of the web, warts and all. In addition to their skills in modern webapp development, our ideal engineer can break down and debug even the nastiest in-browser issues.

Up-to-date on new tech and new techniques

We like to stay ahead of the technology curve, and that's why we've made bets on practices like serverless computing, functional programming, immutable data, and containerized deployment orchestration. Being at Appcues means keeping an eye on the technology landscape, and knowing which the next wave of tools and methods can help Appcues succeed in the market.

If this sounds like you, we'd love to talk.